Concrete mixer for routine maintenance and upkeep Cleaning concrete tank (mixing drum) and expected out Because the concrete will be solidified into a lump in a short time, and the steel and paint a certain corrosive, so concrete tank after each use, wash tank attached to the concrete and the concrete is expected out daily maintenance must be carried out serious work. Including: . a rinse before each feed port charge, the feed mouth kept moist at the time of loading; . b in charge while the vehicle carrying the clean water tank filled with water; . c After loading washing feed, honda engine gasoline power 5.5hp concrete vibrator wash near the inlet residual concrete; . d to the site after discharge, wash out the tank and then to add water to clean inside the concrete tank 30-40L, keeping concrete tank when the vehicle is rotated forward slowly return; . e Remember to let go before the next charging concrete sewage in the tank; f. day thoroughly cleaning the surrounding concrete tanks and knock out the discharge port, ensure stick cement and concrete caking. These work as long as one does not seriously, it will bring a lot of trouble for future work. Maintenance drive means The driving means is driven to rotate concrete tank, which consists of power take off, cardan shaft, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, control valves, hydraulic tank and cooling system components. If this section due to failure to stop working, concrete tank will not rotate, which causes the car scrap concrete, serious and even cause the entire tank of concrete condensation in the tank, causing the concrete mixer truck scrapped. Therefore, whether the drive is in use must be highly reliable attention. Concrete mixers use Use is mechanized mixing cement concrete concrete mixer, the type more, classification and characteristics are as follows. By job classification approach (1) divided by the cycle work practices and continuous operation two. Rotation job type feed, mixing, discharging three processes is based on a certain time interval cycle, namely by mixing parts. Since the mixing of various materials have been zw series electric external plate concrete vibrator accurate weighing, mixing quality so good. Currently we use this type of practices. The above-mentioned three processes continuous mode of operation is a longer cylinder body continuously. Although their productivity relatively high cycle mode of operation, but because of the mix of various materials, mixing time is difficult to control, so stirring poor quality. Currently less use. Classification by mixing method (2) by way of sub downs stirred mixing self, forced mixing the two. Since the fall mixer is to mix in a rotating inner drum stirring, stirring with the rotation of the drum, the blades inside the drum mix to elevate to a certain height, then spilled down by gravity free. So again and again, until the mix up. This mixer is generally mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete. Compulsory mixer is mixing drum does not move, but from inside the drum rotary shaft forced mixing blades are set. This mixer mixing good quality, high production efficiency; but the power consumption, and fast blade wear. Generally applicable to mixing dry concrete. Manner by means classification (3) by way of sub unit fixed and mobile two. Fixed mixer is installed in the pre-prepared, based on the whole can not be moved. Its bulky, high production efficiency. Used for mixing plant or mixing station. Mobile mixer itself with wheels, iso certificate honda concrete vibrator 5.5hp and the small size, light weight, so good mobility. Apply to small and medium sized temporary works. Press a material way classification (4) a material way promising tipping points and non-tipping two. Tilt-stirring drum by tipping discharge, rather than relying on the Tilt-stirring drum reverse discharge. Press the mixing drum shape classification (5) By mixing drum shape is different, there are pear-shaped, drum-type, double cone, disc vertical axis and horizontal axis of the circular groove five. The first three lines since the fall mixing; the latter two for the compulsory mixing, less domestic use. Classification by mixing capacity (6) divided by a large mixing capacity (discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000L), medium (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500L) and small (the discharge capacity of 50 ~ 250L). The classification of each mixer as shown. concrete vibrator s20 with frame with coupling Commonly used mixer models classification and code as shown, it is mainly by the model number and the main parameters. As JZ350 said: discharge capacity of 350L, tapered, reverse the material of the self-loading mixer.